Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pyramids of Teotihuacan Mexico

A few months ago my hubby came to visit me and he had a few places in mind he wanted to visit while he was in Mexico. He wanted to go to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, of course i had no idea how to get there so I started my research and it wasn't very helpful. I am one of those persons who has to have every little detail on directions so I asked around and i was told of a few ways that worked and  without even thinking it about it we left the house at 7am and headed to our destination.

 Here is how We got to the Pyramids.

First we had take a micro (bus) that took us to Tasquena Bus Station, then we asked where the trolebus that went to Central Camionera del Norte was, which is accross the street from the station, the trolebus cost $4 pesos (cash only, bring exact amount) then we rode that bus for about 1hr to the Cenrtal del Norte.  
Trolebus (takes you to central camionera del norte)

Once we arrived to the Central del Norte we went to gate 8 where the bus that goes to the pyramids comes out, it is at the second to last window to be exact, they take no CC, so cash is needed, the bus ride cost about $40-50 pesos round trip. the bus comes out every 15mins,  after about 45mins you have arrive to your destination. (remember to save your ticket, you will need it to for your way back )

central camionera del norte

-remember to bring comfortable shoes and clothing
-wear sunscreen
-bring water, food or snacks (we made sandwhiches, it is not allowed to eat inside but after climbing the sun and moon pyramids we got extremely hungry and we had a small and quick picnic  of course we cleaned our area really well, no trash was left behind)
-bring a hat, sunglasses or sombrero
-cash , i can not stress this enough, the only place that takes CC are the food joints that are outside the pyramids.
-check the weather before making that long trip.
-check your bus ticket, it suggest what exit door you have to leave from, once outside, you have to cross the street and you are going to see a street bump/ stop signal and thats where the bus makes a stop and takes you back.

I hope this is helpful and enjoy your trip.

Location: Ecatepec Pirámides km.22 + 600, Municipio de Teotihuacan, Estado de México, C.P. 55800. Tel. 01-594-95-6-02-76
Hours: 09:00 a 17:00 hrs
Cost: $64 pesos (cash only, remember to save your ticket)