Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Has It been a year already?

WOW I  can not believe that it has been a Year since I returned to my dear old Mexico City, time sure does goes by fast. I remember when I first got back and everything was so new to me, it was as if i was an stranger in my own country.

I have experienced a lot of new places and I also got the bus route and metro lines down, well with a little help of my metro app,  it took me a while but with practice i managed it. During my stay I visited my family and went cruising places alone, it was scary yet an excited experience and a wonderful journey, I visited the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, La Torre Latina, Bellas Artes, Tlatelolco Museum, Polanco, Chapulepec, The Antropology Museum, Six Flags, The Angel of Independence, Moorish Kiosk (santa maria la ribera), Puebla, Hidalgo, Hometown fairs and many other places that i never got the chance to visit when i was younger.

My hubby also came to visit me in December and I am so happy he did, he got to see where i grew up and we got to travel, I enjoyed his company and I also loved that he was so open minded and enjoyed Mexico, the tourist way and the local way.

 Experiencing this new journey has made me a better and a more appreciative human being, i started valuing life a little more, seeing people living under a bridge with a "house" made out of scraps made me realise how life can be so unfair, but i also noticed how those families look so happy to be together and have a place to call home, life here is just a hustle, everybody finds something to sell to make some money, whether is selling candy in the street, to sing in the metro or sell whatever they can to make mends, people are not ashamed to be out there, and for that I am proud.

I am proud to be Mexican but i am also proud to be a woman who moved to different country to better herself , i have been trough so much in my short life but i am glad i had, otherwise i wouldn't know how to appreciate what i have or what i have accomplished. 

Peace & Love 

Pyramid of the moon Teotihuacan

Bellas Artes (night life)

Moorish Kiosk (santamarialaribera)

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