Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Has it really been three months already?

       Exactly 3 months today I left Indiana, my hubby, my puppy, my family and my friends to come live in Mexico for a year, you can say is a long year vacation but I actually left because I am working on some personal paperwork. 
       I have settle down here a little better now, I learned the metro line, how to use the bus system, how to use $ pesos, it has been a tiring but rewarding experience, I learned that I can do things by myself and start a new life again, I have done it before but this trip once again proves that I am capable of surviving new life's experiences.
      For the past few months I been meeting old and new friends around the city, I learned how to crochet thanks to mom, I also attended an old friends baby shower, i visited my grandparents hometown and their graves, both of them passed away a while ago and since I was in the States I missed their funeral, so I went to their town and payed my condolences and stopped by their old ranch.
       I have to admit I been keeping myself busy but it can get lonely sometimes specially when I see families together and I get the sad feeling that my hubby is not with me, in order to stay positive during these though times I started working out at home 5 days a week, I crochet new projects, and I been helping a friend with his website. I hope a year goes by fast and I get to be reunited with my hubby and my puppy again, hope you enjoy the pictures and I will try to post again soon. 

                                                         Peace & Love