Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is in my Purse !!

Hello Everyone:
Today I am posting a " What is in my Purse" I don't know about you all but I love seeing what is in another persons purse and I know I am not alone in this, I have a friend who always looks inside my purse and I always ask her why? why do you always look inside my purse? and her response is; you always have something interesting in your purse. It was there when I knew I am not the only creeper who likes to see what is in your purse videos or blogs.
Ever since I started this blog I wanted to post a what's in my purse piece but I never had the guts until today. So here it is.
 "What's in my Purse"

1- Mini Tia Black Satchel ( at
2-Black Thinsulate Leather Gloves (
3-BookMark (old)
4-Cottonnelle Wet Wipes (
6-Iphone 4s Screen Protector (Gift)
7-Book "Eat Pray Love" (Half Price Books)
8-MakeUp Bag " Petite Clarity (
9-Wallet (old from The Limited)
10-Poo-Pourri (xmas gift )
11-Iphone Charger Portable (
12-Iphone Charger (came with my ipod)
13-House Keys
15-Ipod 1st generation(thrift store $5)
16-Iphone 4s (owl case from big lots)
17-Detangler Brush (tjmaxx)
19-Kleenx (target)
20-Oral-B Floss Picks (target)
Most of these items stay in my purse even if I change purses during the month, specially the book and the items on my make up bag. Since I am going out of the country I am grateful I found this bag, i can fit so much and I can use it as a shoulder bag.
Bag Features:
Steve Madden Mini Tia Satchel
10 in (w) X 8 in (H) X 5in (D)
handles are 4 inches drop and adjustable

Everything fits nicely and still can fit a little more

I hope you like my new post.
Peace & Love

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