Thursday, February 27, 2014

Netflix of the Month

Exactly a month ago I quit my job of 8 years and I moved out and moved into a new place, we do not have cable since is not on our budget but we do have Netflix. I been watching Netflix every single day and i been watching some old movies and I have also watched some new releases or new to me.

 When i first moved to the USA movies were my way of learning English, i would watch movies in English with subtitles in English and let me tell you 2 years later my English improved and i was able to read and understand more
,Here is some of my new favorite movies, i am a movieholic meaning i love watching movies of every genre. since then i became obsessed with movies. 

I would love to describe each and one of these movies but that would be a very long blog post, each one of these stories have a message and if you are interested in these movies just visit and if you do not have an account then i suggest you open one, you can try their free trial and if you are happy with it then you can open an account and pay only $7.99 a month, believe me it is the best choice i have made, I been watching Netflix non-stop and I keep finding great movies and they have a great foreign selection.

Peace & Love

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