Sunday, February 9, 2014

All moved in

Good Morning Loves

I finally moved in into my new place, well my husband was there already. We both had our jobs and mine was in another county. I recently quit my job due to a trip I have to make to Mexico and so I moved in with my hubby. My brother helped me bring all my stuff and then unload them into my house, that same night I moved the boxes to a safe room, like I mentioned I am going on a trip for a while so I can't unpacked yet. I am a very fast packer I already have my check out and carry on luggage ready. My leaving date is March 4th so I still have a few weeks to either change or add more things to my luggage. 

It has been a very long two months, dealing with the moves and the quiting of the job, saying goodbyes and dinners with friends, I hope to blog a little bit more and i will try to blog since Mexico to write down all my experiences. 

Peace & Love 

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