Saturday, December 14, 2013

Truffle Approved

Good Morning :

Hello dear readers today's post is going to be about a product who I have been obsessed with lately. I first heard of this product on Instagram, a lovely fellow blogger apieceoftoast (instagram) had a picture of this beautiful clear pouch enter as a giveaway, Unfortunately the giveaway ended when i visited their website. 

You can also visit One Truffle website . They have amazing colorful bags and if you subscribe to their website you can get amazing deals like i did. Thank you One Truffle for creating this amazing bag, i posted pictures on my twitter and instagram and you approved both of them.

This product is a clear bag that it can be used as a makeup bag, Ipad case, handbag and as a document holder, one of the reasons i love this product is because its a clear plastic with a colorful zipper line, and it makes it easier for me to find my products. I am going out of the country soon and i found out that their Petite Clarity bag is TSA approved which means i can take it with me on my purse and have my mini toiletry or make up.

My first purchase was the Grand Clarity, It is one of their largest bag they have the size is 13"h x 12 1/4"w. I use this bag to hold my biggest item like Ipad, charger, passport etc.
Grand Clarity
My second purchase was the Petite Clarity which is TSA approved,  now this bag is my baby and my most valuable item this year, it fits everywhere, my purse, my backpack, my body-cross and i can even carry it on my arms. The size is 8"h x 9 1/2"w.
Petite Clarity

Peace & Love

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