Friday, December 6, 2013

Turkey Mites !!

A few weeks ago I took my puppy nena for a hike and when we came back home i noticed something crawling on her tail, it was something so tiny that i have no idea how i even noticed it, specially since her coat is black, anyway as i start looking at her tail i notice that there was a lot of those little crawlers all over her body.

I inmdeately took her to the bathroom where the light was better and started looking and notice that there were hundreds of those little crawlers, at first i freaked out i didnt know what those things were and as i did my research i thought they were ticks, fear came to mind and i started pulling out and killing them one by one. I spent almost all night getting rid of these suckers, it was about 2am and i was tired and i couldnt fisnish.

i went to google one more time and typed in ticks, fleas, anything that could look like what i was killing, so i found an article were it said to use citrus, lemongrass oil or lavender oil to stop itching ofcourse i was a little skeptical about this, especially since i didnt know what i was dealing with, about 4am something click and i went to my kitchen and started what it ended up being my remedy.

3 lemons
2 cups of water
small cooking pot

Cut the lemos in two pieces, add water to the cooking pot and once the water is boiling add the lemons, once its all boiled up, let it cool off and then grab the lemon halfs and start applying to the puppys coat, withing minutes you will notice how these crawlers start dying and they no longer are sticking their little legs or stings into your pupply skin.

the next day i found out that what my puppy had was turkey mites, they live in the forest area, they live in a nest on the floor or on a tree and apparently my puppy stepped into a nest and hundreds of turkey mites were crawling on her.
turkey mites are so tiny
the next day when i came back from work and grabbed my puppy and went outside on the sunny day and i opened her coat and all those turkey mites were all dried up :) my remedy worked wonders, i gave my puppy a bath with lemon water and then i applied some lavender oil just so that her sking wont be dried up from all the citrus. withing hours all the dead turkey mites were out of her skin.( i get the chills just to talk about it now).

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