Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Fall TV Shows.

Here are some of the shows that i was excited for them to comeback, and there are others that have caught my attention and now I find myself watching them constantly.

1- My first favorite show has to be Scandal, yes i am a Gladiator. When season 2 ended i was in plain shock, and i couldn't believe that it was going to be months before the new season came out. So i did what most people would've done, i went to my Netflix account and re watched season 1 and i also downloaded the ABC application onto my iPad (this app allows me to catch up with episodes i missed).

2- Now this new show "The Originals" has been a new added to my favorite shows, I thought that because some of the characters came from the Vampire Diaries that it will be close to that vampire show, but fortunately it isn't I love the story and the new characters, i also like the fact that i have grown to love Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson, i mean those 2 brothers are beautiful and have a sexy accent. The whole cast is amazing and i hope to keep watching the show. I have also downloaded the CW tvnow application on the iPad. Amazing what this apps can do for those who do not have cable.

3-The Vampire Diaries now this is a show I have come to love with the time, when this series first came out I found myself a little bit on the skiptical side, I loved the Twilights movies and i thought this show was a copy cat so i opted for not watching it, it was the summer of 2013 when i had nothing to watch that i finally got the guts to go to Netflix and started watching Season 1 and then after that it went down the hill for me, I became obessed with that show and watched until Season 4. The love triangle is magical and i would love to see Elena and Damon end up together at the end.

4-Greys Anatomy has been one of my favorite shows since it first aired on TV. We have seen so many characters leave the show and unfortunately i am not a big fan of the new interns :(. That is one of the main reasons this show has dropped to my #4 favorites.

5-Once Upon a Time, the title says it all this show is full of magic, fairy tales, happy endings, love, costumes and of course evilness. Every story has its own twist and therefore it keeps dragging me to continue to watch every episode there is. I only wish it didn't aired on Sundays because sometimes i am out of town or there is football night, fortunately for me this show is also on my ABC app :)

6- Sleepy Hollow is a new series that came out 2013 Fall, I have been watching since it came out and it has not disappointing me yet, i have no much to say about it yet, the only thing i do have is that the especial effects are amazing.

7- Trophy Wife i am still watching this show and there are days when i miss and episode and i feel like i didn't missed much, i will still give it a try and then i will updated you guys on how i feel about it.

I hope you all liked my favorite TV fall shows and please let me know which shows you like or if you are a Gladiator :)

Peace & Love.

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