Monday, September 30, 2013

My Weekend in a Nutshell.

Saturday's weather was amazing after I got off of work I went for a walk Downtown.The Lotus Festival was going on unfortunately for me I missed it :( . I guess my timing was bad since the festival hours were from 6pm till 12pm, I left work at 3pm, but not everything was a lost cause. I was able to take some pictures with my phone and I realized that my town it's pretty amazing. I hope you like the pictures. Sunday was a rainy day but that didn't stop me for enjoying my only day off, first I went outside for a walk under the fog and then while enjoying my black coffee I read a very interesting book, then I watched one of my favorite childhood movie "Hocus Pocus" it was perfect for a stay inside kind of day. I am glad to say that I had an amazing weekend, please tell me how was your weekend in the comments down below.
Peace & Love.

A rainy Sunday

Lotus Festival

Little Vintage Store