Saturday, December 14, 2013

Truffle Approved

Good Morning :

Hello dear readers today's post is going to be about a product who I have been obsessed with lately. I first heard of this product on Instagram, a lovely fellow blogger apieceoftoast (instagram) had a picture of this beautiful clear pouch enter as a giveaway, Unfortunately the giveaway ended when i visited their website. 

You can also visit One Truffle website . They have amazing colorful bags and if you subscribe to their website you can get amazing deals like i did. Thank you One Truffle for creating this amazing bag, i posted pictures on my twitter and instagram and you approved both of them.

This product is a clear bag that it can be used as a makeup bag, Ipad case, handbag and as a document holder, one of the reasons i love this product is because its a clear plastic with a colorful zipper line, and it makes it easier for me to find my products. I am going out of the country soon and i found out that their Petite Clarity bag is TSA approved which means i can take it with me on my purse and have my mini toiletry or make up.

My first purchase was the Grand Clarity, It is one of their largest bag they have the size is 13"h x 12 1/4"w. I use this bag to hold my biggest item like Ipad, charger, passport etc.
Grand Clarity
My second purchase was the Petite Clarity which is TSA approved,  now this bag is my baby and my most valuable item this year, it fits everywhere, my purse, my backpack, my body-cross and i can even carry it on my arms. The size is 8"h x 9 1/2"w.
Petite Clarity

Peace & Love

Friday, December 6, 2013

December Wish List

Turkey Mites !!

A few weeks ago I took my puppy nena for a hike and when we came back home i noticed something crawling on her tail, it was something so tiny that i have no idea how i even noticed it, specially since her coat is black, anyway as i start looking at her tail i notice that there was a lot of those little crawlers all over her body.

I inmdeately took her to the bathroom where the light was better and started looking and notice that there were hundreds of those little crawlers, at first i freaked out i didnt know what those things were and as i did my research i thought they were ticks, fear came to mind and i started pulling out and killing them one by one. I spent almost all night getting rid of these suckers, it was about 2am and i was tired and i couldnt fisnish.

i went to google one more time and typed in ticks, fleas, anything that could look like what i was killing, so i found an article were it said to use citrus, lemongrass oil or lavender oil to stop itching ofcourse i was a little skeptical about this, especially since i didnt know what i was dealing with, about 4am something click and i went to my kitchen and started what it ended up being my remedy.

3 lemons
2 cups of water
small cooking pot

Cut the lemos in two pieces, add water to the cooking pot and once the water is boiling add the lemons, once its all boiled up, let it cool off and then grab the lemon halfs and start applying to the puppys coat, withing minutes you will notice how these crawlers start dying and they no longer are sticking their little legs or stings into your pupply skin.

the next day i found out that what my puppy had was turkey mites, they live in the forest area, they live in a nest on the floor or on a tree and apparently my puppy stepped into a nest and hundreds of turkey mites were crawling on her.
turkey mites are so tiny
the next day when i came back from work and grabbed my puppy and went outside on the sunny day and i opened her coat and all those turkey mites were all dried up :) my remedy worked wonders, i gave my puppy a bath with lemon water and then i applied some lavender oil just so that her sking wont be dried up from all the citrus. withing hours all the dead turkey mites were out of her skin.( i get the chills just to talk about it now).

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Fall TV Shows.

Here are some of the shows that i was excited for them to comeback, and there are others that have caught my attention and now I find myself watching them constantly.

1- My first favorite show has to be Scandal, yes i am a Gladiator. When season 2 ended i was in plain shock, and i couldn't believe that it was going to be months before the new season came out. So i did what most people would've done, i went to my Netflix account and re watched season 1 and i also downloaded the ABC application onto my iPad (this app allows me to catch up with episodes i missed).

2- Now this new show "The Originals" has been a new added to my favorite shows, I thought that because some of the characters came from the Vampire Diaries that it will be close to that vampire show, but fortunately it isn't I love the story and the new characters, i also like the fact that i have grown to love Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson, i mean those 2 brothers are beautiful and have a sexy accent. The whole cast is amazing and i hope to keep watching the show. I have also downloaded the CW tvnow application on the iPad. Amazing what this apps can do for those who do not have cable.

3-The Vampire Diaries now this is a show I have come to love with the time, when this series first came out I found myself a little bit on the skiptical side, I loved the Twilights movies and i thought this show was a copy cat so i opted for not watching it, it was the summer of 2013 when i had nothing to watch that i finally got the guts to go to Netflix and started watching Season 1 and then after that it went down the hill for me, I became obessed with that show and watched until Season 4. The love triangle is magical and i would love to see Elena and Damon end up together at the end.

4-Greys Anatomy has been one of my favorite shows since it first aired on TV. We have seen so many characters leave the show and unfortunately i am not a big fan of the new interns :(. That is one of the main reasons this show has dropped to my #4 favorites.

5-Once Upon a Time, the title says it all this show is full of magic, fairy tales, happy endings, love, costumes and of course evilness. Every story has its own twist and therefore it keeps dragging me to continue to watch every episode there is. I only wish it didn't aired on Sundays because sometimes i am out of town or there is football night, fortunately for me this show is also on my ABC app :)

6- Sleepy Hollow is a new series that came out 2013 Fall, I have been watching since it came out and it has not disappointing me yet, i have no much to say about it yet, the only thing i do have is that the especial effects are amazing.

7- Trophy Wife i am still watching this show and there are days when i miss and episode and i feel like i didn't missed much, i will still give it a try and then i will updated you guys on how i feel about it.

I hope you all liked my favorite TV fall shows and please let me know which shows you like or if you are a Gladiator :)

Peace & Love.

Monday, September 30, 2013

My Weekend in a Nutshell.

Saturday's weather was amazing after I got off of work I went for a walk Downtown.The Lotus Festival was going on unfortunately for me I missed it :( . I guess my timing was bad since the festival hours were from 6pm till 12pm, I left work at 3pm, but not everything was a lost cause. I was able to take some pictures with my phone and I realized that my town it's pretty amazing. I hope you like the pictures. Sunday was a rainy day but that didn't stop me for enjoying my only day off, first I went outside for a walk under the fog and then while enjoying my black coffee I read a very interesting book, then I watched one of my favorite childhood movie "Hocus Pocus" it was perfect for a stay inside kind of day. I am glad to say that I had an amazing weekend, please tell me how was your weekend in the comments down below.
Peace & Love.

A rainy Sunday

Lotus Festival

Little Vintage Store

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hello everyone ;) as we all know spring break is almost here and with that comes the "packing" . Most people hate packing, i know i do because i can never make a decision on what to take with me, so that is why i will be working on a packing checklist. I hope to have it ready for all of you soon, if you have a packing checklist please let me know in the comment down below. Converted with the trial version of Word Cleaner
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Tote Bag
Food Dish

Trash Bags

Paper Towels

Leash Vest




passport copies

copy of ID


snow boots

dress shoes
comfy socks





body wash
nail polish
body lotion
eye glasses
hair iron
cotton balls
shaving cream
first aid
Nail Clipper
wet napkins
heat protector
hair tights
hair curler
bobby pins


flash drive

phone cases


camera & charger
memory card

HDMI adapter


house keys


credit cards


contact info


work docs


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Friday, February 8, 2013

Forever 21

This is my first time purchasing a Forever 21 items. One of the reasons i decided to purchased them was because i got a gift card for my birthday and since there is not a forever 21 back where i am from i had to purchased them online, now i am very skeptical about purchasing shoes or clothes online since the sizes do not always fit, but i took a chance and purchased some shoes and a coat.
After waiting 2 or 3 weeks on the shipping i came home and a package was waiting for me,inside was my Forever 21 order.

I would like to say that i am very pleased with my order.

1-Faux Leather Wedge Boots (gray & Size 6)
Pros: it fits well and it is very comfortable to walk in.
Cons: After wearing them twice i notice that the heel at the bottom was getting unglued :(

 2-Tasseled Zip Booties (black & size 6)
Pros: comfortable and they fit me well
Cons: none

 3-Zip Back Boots (black & size 7)

Pros: Comfortable
Cons: unfortunately they did not fit me :(

4- Wool Princess Coat (size L)
Pros: It is soft and i love the height
 Cons: It was a little small, but i moved the buttons and it fits now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Dream Wish List

1- Dream Home

2- Car


4- Nikon

5- Shoes


6-The Ring

7-The Bag MK


8-Rose Gold Watch